MKMMA Week 7 – “Do Over!“

MKMMA Week 7 is the most frustrating, difficult, challenging week we’ve had to go through yet!

… Do Over. Thank goodness for that! Being the observer has been interesting, and my use of the word “interesting” is a perfect illustration of that. Because we are eliminating negative thoughts, it requires us to be more aware of those thoughts, and when we recognize those thoughts, only then can we make a decision as to how we choose to deal with them.

A situation occurs. We have always associated these situations with things we didn’t like in the past, or have been told to dislike those things, so we call these things “negative” situations. BUT WAIT! That’s “not allowed” anymore, so what other options do we have? Actually, we get to decide a virtually infinite number of ways to deal with these situations. We have the ability to think and choose.

I can see clearly in my mind a meeting I was at, where a man was called upon to speak out of the audience, on the spot, with absolutely no warning, because the featured speaker was prevented from getting to the meeting for some reason. A “negative situation” most people would agree. Now, granted, this man is known to be knowledgeable on the topic, but people certainly are more confident when they are prepared. Well, this man taught me something I will never forget, and has served me well this week. Upon taking the stage, this man, rather than making excuses, or apologizing for how his remarks may for short of the audience’s expectations due to the short notice – this man looked at the audience with a blank look in his eyes (you could see that he was thinking about what he could possibly say), then he got a large smile on his face and said, “Wow, how EXCITING that I get to speak to you!”, and he went on to give a great presentation.

What?! That was brilliant! In his mind, instead of a negative emotion like fear, he chose to see this situation, not as a negative scary thing, but instead, he saw an “exciting” opportunity to share with a lot of people the things on which he has spent a lot of effort learning and understanding!

For me, when things get tough, according to my old blueprint, I now see them as “interesting,” because the born-again-me sees in every situation multiple directions that I can choose to follow. When I find things not to be in alignment with my blueprint, rather than “game over,” in expectation of the method, or the “new way” that I know is coming, I get to stand up, put a great, big smile on my face, and say to myself, “Do Over!”


MKMMA Week 6 – “I Can Barely Keep It All Straight Anymore… Perfect!“

What in the world… or better yet, ‘when’ in the world is happening to me!? Since the beginning of the MKMMA program, we have been practicing clearly envisioning the FUTURE we want to create based on our Definite Major Purpose. Then, we have continued to refine our DMP’s so that we see all of the things we want to be and achieve as being manifested right now, in the PRESENT. Then last week we wrote our Press Release as though all of these things had already been accomplished in the PAST and are a matter of fact! I don’t think we could be any more thorough about our goals (though I am sure our MKMMA Guides will show us a way!)

But something really awesome, that had begun in previous weeks – like having my subconscious start believing and acting the way I told him to – has now began to take on a life of its own… or I have taken on a life of “my own!” I loved writing my Press Release! It took a long time to think about the format, and the requirements, and how deep I wanted to go with it, but after getting the wheels turning, I can tell you that I am only getting started with it, and will be revising, and adding, and expanding, and expounding on so many parts of it, that it is no longer a work of my imagination, but something I genuinely see as the true story of my life!

As I thought of what was “discussed” as I was interviewed for this Press Released, I felt myself actually sitting in that room, and actually having that conversation, and for every question and remark from the interviewer, I so naturally “said” whatever I would really say. What was so truly awesome were the stories I have “accumulated from my past.” Interactions with celebrities that even in my mind right now, feel as real and natural as having lived through them! At the book store searching through magazines for ‘movie poster’ material, I ran across “my celebrity buddies” and they felt like old friends of mine, and when I do meet them in person, I feel like I will be less ‘star-struck’ and more comfortably interact and enjoy myself with them… oh yeah, and my super hot, jet-setting wife!

What really is amazing is how the MKMMA exercises have already been manifesting out of my imagination and into real life! This made my most current iteration of my DMP and my Press Release even more authentic, because elements of these already are fact, which continues to demonstrate that it is only a matter of time (and “good habits”) until the remaining portions come to life as well. When it comes to PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE, it really all just looks like NOW!

MKMMA Week 5 – “I ALWAYS Form Good Habits and Become Their Slave! “

The ‘old me’ would simply stare in bewilderment, exclaiming, “This cannot be happening!”  And yet, it is!  To be perfectly honest, this ‘new me’ wouldn’t have a clue how this was happening either, if it weren’t for the very simple explanations provided by our esteemed guides in this MKMMA program – and it is that simple! Since the “why’s” & “how’s” are already set forth elsewhere, I will just concern this post with an example of “what.”

First example. I have established the good habit of exercise every weekday morning. I have been running faster and farther and it keeps getting easier, and easier, and I love it. I love it so much that while everyone around me is huffing and puffing, I have an ear-to-ear smile as I continue increasing the speed of the treadmill, that is, when I’m not mouthing the words to whichever song I’m listening to, or telling myself quotes from the Greatest Salesman – amazing in itself, to be sure, but that is not ‘the’ example. This Monday morning I finished my run, the fastest and farthest I’ve done to date, then proceeded to target a muscle group, and on this occasion, it was my back. I felt something “off,” so I put the weights down, and then began to feel a tightening in my lower back. I have had this many times before, and it crippled me for at least a week each time! However, I’d never promised myself that I wasn’t going to miss a workout, included my “extra workout” that evening, which happens to be a Salsa dancing class. I managed to get out of the gym and back home without looking to foolish (it really must’ve looked hilarious!), and began to ice and stretch and rest my back. No relief all day long. But 6:00 rolled around, and I just had to see if there was any way to get that class in. Lo, and behold, I could at least walk, but my back was still tender and delicate, so I decided that even if I couldn’t dance, I’d at least attend the class and observe. BUT, not only was I the most popular leader Monday night, I was back up and running at the gym Tuesday morning!

I always form good habits and become their slave!

MKMMA Week 4 – “Everything Has Changed, ‘Nuff Said! “

When I first heard that “Everyone quits the MKMMA in Week 4,” I wasn’t sure what that really meant, other than when it was explained that if a person didn’t quit the program, then they would quit giving anything less than 100%!  As I read my Blueprint Builder, DMP, my Cards, the Greatest Salesman, and the Master Keys, something just happened… ‘IT’ just happened!  All of that stuff just happened!!!  I just do it.  It must be done and there are no other options!  If I was up later than expected, NOTHING was going to “retard my new life’s growth!”  The decision has already been made by Subby!!!

As I read the Greatest Salesman, I know that it says to read it silently morning and mid-day… but truth be told, that is impossible – the words of the Scroll are TOO infused with power, and I get louder and louder, I become wildly animated, and these things have become reality to my “mysterious mind!”  I can no longer sit in my 1998 Honda Accord without simultaneously be sitting behind the wheel of my new, 2016 BMW Sedan!  The career I have chosen IS laden with opportunity!  I am pre-living my life – a mental run through so I get every step exactly as I will it to be!

Last night I became feverish and could not sleep, yet I pushed myself out of bed and to the gym where I completed my entire workout as I promised – and I DO always keep my promises!  Sore, achy muscles could not keep me from the success that is mine!  These things are no longer a choice – they are habit, and I am their slave!  Things “impossible and out-of-reach” no longer exist.  As I decide what I want my life to be, I am getting so clear on what I want, that this has forced me to re-write my Definite Major Purpose from scratch because I “see” it now!  I AM all in, 100%!

Everything has changed, and to quote Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that!”

MKMMA Week 3 – “Yes, Yes I did sign up for this! “

Week 3 of the MKMMA has got to be, of course, the most challenging week so far.  It’s not so much that the instructions are difficult – in fact, the instruction we are receiving could not be more plain and simple!  Instead, the most challenging aspect of this program is when your ‘old life’ comes barging in.  Not just the ‘old programming’ that is being blasted out of the comfy little nest it’s built in my head (it’s putting up a fight, but really doesn’t stand a chance!)  No, I’m talking about the ‘old life!’  That life I’ve built following that old blueprint… the “organizational system” of piles, the mountains of unused things that the old me promises will be used “someday,” and worst of all, all of the negativity and excuses that I have trained everyone around me to regurgitate back into my life – Well, that stuff is presenting quite a bit of interference with this MKMMA stuff… BUT a solution came to my mind on how to deal with it, and not only do I know it will work, it IS working.  Would you like to hear it?

So, I was noticing that while I was working on my personal progress with the MKMMA training, I still had these other “obligations.”  The old blueprint says, “You have to make a choice, and the only smart thing to do is solve these old problems first.”  Now if we’ve been paying attention, we all know that falls squarely in the “Action Box,” and that is not going to provide the change we need.  So I did the only logical thing consistent with the change I’m creating in my life… I flipped the script on the old blueprint.  I thought, “If those instructions haven’t worked, then I’ve got to head the other direction,” so I decided to do the opposite of what that old blueprint says, so I can use new habits to “subdue” the old ones!  When I have to choose between my new beliefs and the logical actions that follow those, and my old, automatic patterns, the new way really is the right way ALL of the time.  Believe me, if it is of value, then it fits into my new beliefs.  Not all of me was “broken,” you know, really, none of me was broken, but I was absolutely out of focus, and the fine tuning that is happening with the MKMMA, is allowing me to clarify and simplify in ways that now seem obvious, but the “rock-bottom-or-close-to-it-ness” was required for me to appreciate the contrast, and now I can finally make an “informed decision” about what I want in life.  I am really glad I signed up for this!

MKMMA Week 2 – “Hanging on for dear life – LITERALLY! “

Tuesday I received a visit from my neighbor, a wise, but not-so-old man, as I cleaned the last of my family’s things out of the home we just lost.  One of the things he shared with me was the (his) “definition” of genius: “A person who is able to adapt quickly to change.”  That struck me!  I’m not necessarily ignorant, in fact I know a lot… and therein lies the trouble.  People who know “too much” suffer that “analysis paralysis” and become indecisive and ineffective.  On the other hand, people who hold the belief that there is a means whereby anything and everything has a solution, move forward staying alert for the realization of that reality, and it always comes!  “Genius!”

Week 2 of the MKMMA confirmed the wisdom of my wise neighbor (in fact, I actually supposed he learned that here!)  As I began Week 1, I knew only that my life must be different, that too often “failure has been my payment for struggle.”  So I set out for the MKMMA with very concentrated effort – oh, except, everything else in my life was being scattered!  In Week 2 of the MKMMA I have felt like I’m lagging, struggling to complete requirements – but amazingly, I’m getting them ALL done!  I love feeding my mind morning, mid-day, and night with this “certainty” of how I know my life is to be!  As I have adhered exactly to these exercises, they have become easy, just like Oggy promised!!!

I feel other areas of my life coming into alignment with my life’s Definite Major Purpose!  My Personal Pivotal Needs of ‘Recognition for Creative Expression’ and ‘Liberty’ helped bring more clarity and focus to my DMP that it became easier to fuse powerful emotions right into the fiber of it, where I now feel it becoming real – as though I’m experiencing it already!  This is the way to live life, the kind of life I really care about living – a ‘dear’ life!

MKMMA Week 1 – “WOW! and WOW!”

MKMMA, right off the bat, WOW!  No, that ‘WOW’ isn’t a good wow… talk about a bruised ego!  This really is not pleasant, except, that’s exactly the point, isn’t it?  To beat down that ego that’s been bullying me into doing whatever it tells me to do?  When do I ever get a say in my life?  I’m here to change.  I am clear on how necessary it is to achieving more fulfilment in life, which I’m certainly missing right now.  And I also am fully aware that it’s going to take work, ‘No Pain, No Gain!’  But I never realized how I have been responsible for every single aspect of my current situation.  Sure I try to be accountable for what I do, I just didn’t know that what I’ve done was not make choices about different things as they came up, but instead what I’ve done was set a pattern of ‘how’ I make choices, and that pattern, or habit, made a huge wall that has kept me from being able to explore and enjoy the world beyond those limitations.

I love, in The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino, in ‘The Scroll Marked I’ where he really explains the power of habits.  I particularly identify with the portion that says, “I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path that threatens to imprison my future.”  He must’ve been thinking of me when he wrote that!  I’m so glad that the remedy is provided just after that dreadful description.  Only a habit can displace another habit, so it’s time to habit build and establish those good habits!

Now for the good WOW!  The MKMMA is opening my eyes and my mind to what my life really looks like!  In one way, it has shown me where I currently stand, with my shortcomings and imperfections, so I have my work cut out for me.  But in another, and infinitely more important way, it is showing me that my life “really” looks however I want it to look!  Working on the Blueprint Builder and my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), along with reading The Greatest Salesman in the World, my mind is seeing “me” in a whole new light!  “Today my old skin has become as dust… today I am a new man, with a new life.”